Nakal Gin

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Provocateur of the Senses

Inside every bottle of handcrafted Nakal Gin, the conventional is nothing but a distant notion. Authentic Southeast Asian botanicals are meticulously distilled to produce three unique spirits that are masterfully cut tight from the hearts and blended to achieve an intensely smooth and aromatic gin.

Every pour is the manifestation of a robust and exotic palate personified by pandan, calamansi and cassia.

Each drop is a complex and sophisticated affair reflecting the excellence of its distinctive origins.

It's certainly more than just gin,
it's Nakal Gin.


Serving Suggestions

For the gin connoisseur, enjoy neat or on ice to savor the complex flavors. Makes an incredibly flavorful dry martini and a refreshing G&T especially when garnished with kumquat and a trimmed pandan leaf. Excellent for cocktails designed to complement the gin's exotic flavors.

Distilled and bottled in Basel, Switzerland at the Liquid Spirit Distillery.